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3 questions to Ralf Marczoch​

Ralf Marczoch, Geschäftsführer mata:solutions gmbh

Geschäftsführer mata:solutions gmbh

How did the name mata:solutions come about?

mata – the name was created in 2006 when we founded the company with my good friend Helmut Tammen from the first two letters of our last names: MArczoch and TAmmen, plus solutions, because that’s what we stand for: Solutions.

We both come from IT backgrounds, but as the company has evolved, different areas of focus have emerged: Helmut Tammen developed in the SAP area and mata:solutions grew and offered more and more security topics.

How did the combination of focal points come about?

Crisis management has been my hobbyhorse for more than 10 years and due to my mathematical background I developed a solution-oriented and flexible approach with new perspectives and insights.

Parallel to this, I am fascinated by information security, which is why I can offer not only these two focal points but also, and in particular, the currently often sought-after combination of these.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I particularly enjoy training courses and simulations. I discovered my talent for imparting knowledge many years ago; it all started as a dance coach and math tutor for computer scientists.

I enjoy discussing current issues in crisis management with my students at the College of Public Administration and at the Federal Academy for Civil Protection and Civil Defense. These provide me with new and fresh perspectives on the various topics. In doing so, I guide the students in their academic work and then incorporate the new findings into my work.

Consulting with manufacturing character

In our consulting there are no rigid complete packages. We analyze your needs and create a tailor-made solution that is right for you, your company and your employees at this point.