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Crisis Management

We help you to develop your crisis management exactly at the point where it is needed now.

Are you looking for an experienced management consultancy that responds personally and flexibly to the needs of your company?

Benefit from our specialized knowledge:

  • many years of project experience, also in the area of KRITIS
  • extensive IT expertise
  • overlapping key topics with information security


  • Compact consulting crisis management
  • Establishment of a crisis management
  • Analysis and evaluation of the existing crisis management
  • Implementation of current standards and guidelines

Crisis communication

  • Establishment of a crisis communication team
  • Exercises and simulations

Guidelines / Documentation

  • Creation of guidelines, manuals and checklists

Further training

  • Basic training
  • Special training for functions
  • Visualization training
  • Interface training (board of directors, authorities, IT)
  • Crisis management simulations
  • Parallel crisis team simulations
  • Blackout simulations
  • Cyber crisis simulations

Our approach to crisis management:

Flexibility & Creativity
Every crisis is different, depending on the general conditions, and the development cannot be predicted. It is impossible to have plans in place for every scenario. That’s why our approach relies on methodological competence. If crisis team members are well trained, they can handle any crisis with the methods they have learned and the necessary flexibility and creativity.
Lean & Understandable
Our approach offers a lean and clear structure. We work with you to develop your documents, set up and train your crisis team, and support you in acquiring the necessary methodological skills (situation mapping, visualization, communication, interfaces).


With our measures, we show you and your employees that crisis management can also be fun. Would you like to know how we can support you in crisis management?
Would you like to know how we can support you in crisis management?
We are happy to answer your questions personally!

Consulting with manufacturing character

In our consulting there are no rigid complete packages. We analyze your needs and create a tailor-made solution that is right for you, your company and your employees at this point.