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BCM / Emergency Management

Our strengths are your advantages: We help you to establish a lean and practicable BCM to maintain your critical processes even in emergencies.

Are you currently standing in the jungle of guidelines, standards and requirements from BCM?

Then you have come to the right place!​

Together we will find a way out of this jungle and build an emergency management / BCM system that is lean and clear and that is designed and supported by the specialist departments. With our new approach we bring practicability and acceptance into your emergency management/BCM!

We will gladly support you with:

Guidelines and basics

  • Introduction of BCM – the mata way
  • Implementation of Business-Impact-analyses and risk analyses

Further development

  • Validate and practice existing BCP and emergency plans
  • Execution of emergency exercises
  • Linking IT/information security and BCM

Our approach to BCM / Emergency Management

The mata way

Our approach deviates from the classic BCM approach. After the risk analysis and the business impact analysis, we start directly with the exercises to pick up the business departments. This is often where the best ideas, measures and processes for dealing with emergencies can be found. These are identified during an exercise and then integrated into the business continuity plans. This also increases acceptance.


Our approach means that all employees and departments are involved at an early stage and can help shape the plans. This makes them more applicable and practicable for everyone.


Our approach and documents are lean and not overloaded. This means your employees can quickly find the right information in an emergency. Would you like to know how we can support you in emergency management/BCM? We will be happy to answer your questions personally!
Would you like to know how we can support you in BCM / Emergency management?
We are happy to answer your questions personally!

Consulting with manufacturing character

In our consulting there are no rigid complete packages. We analyze your needs and create a tailor-made solution that is right for you, your company and your employees at this point.